Do you remember this game?

8 years ago

Today we take you 20 years back.

Hi everyone,

To start off the weekend well, we are taking you 20 years back, because if you like Spritted games, we're sure you like retro games...

Many of our games are inspired on famous classic titles, like for example Escape from Mars. Doesn't it remind you another game?

Bank Panic obviously!
Bank Panic is an arcade game which was designed by Sega in 1984. In this game, the player steps in the shoes of a sheriff who has to protect a bank from robberies. The player has to protect 12 doors from which 3 different types of players can show up: a citizen, a bandit or a kid. Only the bandit must be killed, but be careful, things get fast, you have to pay attention!

"Escape from Mars" is the future version of Bank Panic. Bandits are gone, now you have to fix your spaceship and escape Mars!


Do you like this game? Are you the best? Tell us!