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Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars
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Haven’t you always wanted to drive all those cars in your favourite movies? Well, in Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars, you won’t only be able to drive any car you want, but also do some awesome stunts, pirouettes and race with it. Gain stars to unlock all the available cars and levels. Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars is an HTML5 racing game compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad or Tablet and of course also on PC. Play online for free, without having to download or install anything.
Have some “Wacky Races” styled, crazy car races and pass the levels gaining the highest number of points to win stars. Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars is going to test your stunt and driving skills. You’ll have to overcome different challenges and competitions, such as get to the winning post in a determined time, rank on one of the three places on the podium, gain the highest number of points you can doing pirouettes, or just combine these three challenges in the “Gymkhana” mode. The more stars you gain playing Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars, the more levels and cars you will unlock. Aside of being cars inspired in the most popular movie cars, each car has different specs: some are faster or accelerate faster, others have rougher or softer suspension, a better or worse turbo, and with some it’s easier to perform stuns than with others. As you pass onto higher levels, you’ll get the best cars, but obviously everything will also get harder. Start driving the Jurassic Car, inspired in the jeep of Spielberg’s popular dinosaur movie, and get ready to drive the Delorean from Back to the Future, the Batmobile, the van of the A-Team, David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider or the Ghostbuster’s one. In Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars you’ll drive all these cars in different types of tracks with highs and lows—be careful not to fall—, in deserts, mountains, jungles and cities. Don’t wait any longer and be the king of racing. Ready, steady, go!
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