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Cool Math Games: Math Max
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Combining maths with post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max sounds crazy, right? Well, yes, but we did it anyways and the result is Cool Math Games: Math Max. An entertaining, free-to-play HTML5 online game, without any kind of download or installation, which combines the amount of concentration maths requires with all of the movie action. Shoot at your attackers and set off bombs by solving additions and subtractions from your iPhone, Android smartphone, Tablet or PC.
Finally, a game with a female main character—and who better than Imperator Furiosa to be that woman? The strong-willed main character of the new Mad Max movie. Immerse yourself in the futuristic desert in which this post-apocalyptic movie takes place, except this time, with maths. Prove that brains beat brawn and defeat your enemies solving the mathematical calculations correctly. That way, you’ll help Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky to drive the War Rig full of gasoline to the Citadel. As soon as you type in the correct answer, your weapon will shoot and hit its target, inflicting damage or immediately killing it. You can also get more health and ammo shooting at boxes or detonating bombs to reach your enemies. Don’t let them come close to the truck, or they will make it explode hitting on it. As progress and pass on to higher levels, the difficulty will get higher too, and you will find faster, stronger enemies with bigger weapons. Become Imperator Furiosa and show how good you can do maths under pressure to defend the War Rig from your enemies. Will you be able to be concentrated enough to solve the math problems and defeat your attackers? Then don’t wait any longer and show us what a quick thinker you are, play Cool Math Games: Math Max!
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