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War Games: Space Dementia
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All of you have played to save the galaxy from the evil aliens with your spaceships, haven’t you? You have also pretended to be a brave knight with a bright armor, right? In our ships game, War Games: Space Dementia, you will have to destroy the enemy spaceships that attack you, shooting and moving from your own spaceship. Become a space knight: put on your metallic armor and save the Universe from the evil invaders. Take your iPad, Tablet, mobile or PC and start shooting laser rays to the enemy airships. War Games: Space Deentia is an online html5 game that doesn’t need to be downloaded which you can play with your iPhone or Android mobile for free. Don’t hesitate and play now!
War Games: Space Dementia is an airship game in which the galactic Knight called K1-ARZ must defend the three sectors that surround KAM-LOT galaxy on board his airship XK-Libur. Does it ring a bell? That’s right! We’ve turned the legend of King Arthur, his loyal sword Excalibur and his beloved Camelot into an airship game. What are you waiting for? Help K1-ARZ delete the alien airships and become one of the round table knights. War Games: Space Dementia is an html5 game with an 80s appearance. It is inspired by the classic videogame Asteroids, where you have to delete all the enemy airships and move around the territory using WASD keys. While you progress through the game, you will find hidden rooms, fuel for your airships and more weapons to use against your enemies. Aim with the mouse and click to shoot and kill the invaders with your laser gun. You’ll have to shoot and bomb enemy airships from yours to breakthrough the three sectors in which the galaxy is divided. At the end of every sector, you’ll have to destroy the mother ship to access the next level. You can play online from your PC or mobile, both Android and iPhone, for free and without downloading it. Besides, in our mobile version you can play as if you were driving the airship. You’ll have to learn to drive your airship, since your enemies have no mercy and they will attack you from the very first moment. You must be aware of the maps that appear when breaking into the sectors. These maps show you where the ammunition is and which way you have to choose to complete the level. Don’t run out of fuel or you’ll die! In War Games: Space Dementia, you’ll find 10 types of weapons, a shield to protect yourself and even a nuclear weapon which will destroy everything around it. You can also recover energy and extra points. Remember that you have three lives and if you are shot three times, you will die, losing those lives. Exciting, doesn’t it? Come on! Don’t wait any longer and play now War Games: Space Dementia. Get on the airship and become a galactic knight to save the Universe from the alien invasion.
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