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Prove your hand is the fastest in the entire galaxy in Escape from Mars. Escape from Mars is an html5 game inspired by the arcade classic Back Panic, where you will have to repair your starship to escape from the uprising of the Martian colony. Your crew will help you but be careful: there are extra-terrestrials everywhere. Draw your weapon fast and exterminate the alien species without hurting your allies. Fulfil the achievement objectives to gain experience points and become the best space crew member of the rankings. And if you are really sure of being the hero of the galaxy, try Invasion mode. How far will you get? Play now on any iOS or Android device.
Welcome to the year 2150! Humankind has reached the planet Mars and is trying to build the first colony on this planet. Unfortunately, Martians are not very fond of the idea and they are not allowing them to stay. They have decided to attack the ship and the human astronauts. Your mission here is to help the crew escape from Mars by shooting the Martians. Are you ready to play this online free game? You must be very attentive because the Martians have stolen the crew’s uniforms to be unnoticed and attack by surprise. Besides, among the Martians you will find ship workers that will help you by giving you fuel cells to start the ship and fly away from Mars, so don’t shoot them! You need twelve fuel cells to activate the engines so move left or right to find all of them. Once you got one a blue light will appear in the bar on top of the doors. Make sure to identify on time who is behind each opening door. You will know when something is approaching a door thanks to a green sensor on top of it. If you kill one of your teammates you will lose a life! And if you see a red light run to the door where it’s located: it’s a bomb and you have to deactivate it! If you want to get some training before doing the real escape try the Invasion Mode, a no ending version where you have to kill all the Martians and get the fuel cells. Will you win the 29 levels of the Escape Mode? Go through four worlds and discover a secret world with more levels! Play now for free on your Tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android, with no downloads required! Have fun!

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