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Get on Top Mobile
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Enjoy this funny html5 online game for two players with your friends. The aim is to knock your enemy down to bounce his head off the ground. Jump, push, fight, pull… Hit your enemy more times than him to win! Play Get on top mobile for free in your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet or PC. No download or installation required!
Do you feel like having a boxing or a martial arts combat? Then play Get on Top Mobile, there is nothing better than robot combat. Learn to control your robot and knock down your enemy to beat him. The objective is to smash the enemy’s head against the ground. You are allowed to do anything to get that! You can jump on him, pull him, push him and hold him as if you were a martial art master. Play with a friend and beat him with awesome techniques that will stun him. You only need four keys and four basic movements to win: up, down, left and right. Learn the best combos to knock down your opponent every single round. You can play this html5 online game in different formats. Play it from your mobile phone, either Android or iPhone, and from any tablet or PC for free and without downloading it. Get on Top Mobile is perfect to play with friends while traveling by train, underground or bus. Besides, you can also play single player option if your friend is not available to play with you. Fight against our robots and knock them down in 5 rounds until you reach level 12. Then you will have to fight against the awful Kill Mecha Botzilla. This robot, inspired by Gotzilla, will test your skills. In level 11, you will find Kill Evil Jumpbot, the evil brother Jumpbot’s star, one of our games you will love as well! Try it out! He will watch you from the stands. Each robot you face has been inspired by our cinephile and robotic passion: you will find references to Robocop, Kill Bill, Clockwork Orange and Terminator, for example. Get on Top Mobile also has influences from the 60s due to its appearance based on Rock’em Sock’em Robots, a popular robot combat toy of those years. You won’t find anything better! What are you waiting for? Play and smash those robots!
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