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Soccer Physics Mobile
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In Soccer Physics Mobile you'll enjoy an exciting and absurd soccer match where the rules you thought you knew about this sport are not applied in any way. Kick, jump, head... Do everything you can think of to reach the other team's goal with the ball. Win the world cup in one player mode or humiliate your friend in two player mode. Soccer Physics Mobile is an html5 game compatible with PC, tablets and mobile phones. Play Soccer Physics Mobile now on your iPad, Android device or iPhone and score the goal of your life in this peculiar soccer game.

If you are looking for some madness combined with two of your favourite hobbies, videogames and football, Soccer Physics Mobile is perfect for you!

Do you dare to play football in a completely different way you’ve never tried before? We challenge you to shoot every type of balls to score as many goals as possible. You can play with friends thanks to the cooperative mode, or you can train yourself to smash your opponents.

Soccer Physics Mobile is an html5 game. It is not powered with Unity, which means that this game is compatible with every browser. You can play from your PC and tablet at home, and from your mobile phone while waiting the bus or the underground.

Some balls will appear suddenly and you’ll have to kick them with any part of your body. Tennis balls, football balls, rugby balls, beach balls… and even bowling balls! Note that every ball will bounce in a different way. Bowling balls are much heavier than beach balls, so you’ll have to learn how to deal with them like an expert.

Besides, you will play each match in different fields with different features. Watch out for the snow and the rain: if you don’t jump at the right moment, you’ll slip and score an own goal. Remember that you’ll need +10 points to win a bronze medal, +15 for silver, and +20 for the desired gold medal. Don’t hesitate and go for the gold! Don’t worry if you don’t control your players at the beginning. They may move everywhere but with a little bit of practice, you’ll control their mechanics to win the championship. Practice makes perfect! What are you waiting for? Play now!

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