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Mr. Miner
Help this hard-working miner to dig so deep as you can and catch as much gold and diamonds as possible! Launch your mechanical hook in the correct direction while it is swinging so that you can catch any object in the stage. As well as minerals, during your excavation you will also find other very useful objects which will help you to reach farther depths and you could even discover some treasures! Of course, the bigger is the mineral you catch, the greatest reward you will earn, so pay attention to the stage, since you could dig up some secret, and don´t forget you can get rid of any object which you are not interested in by using one of your five dynamite cartridges. But watch out for your oil and try to collect also all the oil cans and pieces of coal you see if you don´t want to run out of gasoline too soon. Remember you can improve your digger and unlock new stages so that you can find more minerals and new amazing treasures! Enjoy with Mr. Miner, an HTML5 game which you can even play on your devices.
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