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Build the highest box tower you can in this fun online game. But be careful, if you don't place the boxes correctly, adding more boxes will make it more and more unstable. Test your patience and reach the sky of html5 games on your PC, Android device or iPhone.
Will you be able to stack up as many boxes and barrels as possible? It is not as easy as it looks… You need to keep in mind that not every barrel or box is the same. They have different shapes and weights so you will have to place them carefully and according to their differences. Some boxes weight more than others so misplacing them makes it easier for the whole tower to tumble. The more you progress and the more boxes and barrels you manage to pile, the more difficult the game will get. The crane will increase its speed, making more difficult for you to place the boxes on the right place. Do you still think that you will manage to build the tallest tower of barrels and boxes? You won’t only have to deal with a faster crane, but also with a crane that will move in a diagonal direction, which will make it even harder. And that’s just if you manage to reach the sky with your tower. You have probably never made it beyond the warehouse! Remember that if only one barrel or one box is misplaced and falls down you will have to start over so take your time dropping the objects. If you think you are prepared to build the highest tower of boxes and barrels just grab your mobile phone, computer or Tablet and start clicking and tapping to start piling them. This online game is free and you can play it with your phone whether it’s iPhone or Android, as well as with your Tablet or iPad. Besides, you don’t need to download anything, just enter the page, click on the game and start having fun and losing your mind on tumbling boxes and barrels!

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