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Fireman Fooster
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Play online and for free this addictive and funny game. Be as fast as you can and run away from the flames. Everybody is counting on Fireman Fooster! Will you be able to stop the disaster and turn off the fire? Show us how you play this browser game.
Jump from floor to floor by taping on your phone screen or clicking with your mouse. Keep in mind that the longer you tap the higher Fireman Fooster will jump, and that’s important because the fire has also reached some floors and keeps on climbing the building, so you need to jump at the right moment and as high as you can. But be careful not to step on the flames when you jump to another floor or you will char. So, do you think you can control the running fireman and keep him safe from falling into the fire? Well try picking up the items at the same time, it’s not that easy! While you run away from the fire some objects will appear, and if you manage to grab them you will score 50 points each time. You will find everything a fireman needs to fight the fire: an axe, a pair of boots, a first-aid kit, an extinguisher, and a helmet. Once you start playing Fireman Fooster you won’t be able to stop! You will want to go higher each time and break all the records. Well that’s not a problem because it’s an html5 online and free game so you can play whenever you want. Besides, it’s compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, and computer so you can also play wherever you wish because no downloads or installations are required. Start defying fire right now!
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