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Penguin Rescue Hero
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Pingu spent his childhood hooked to the TV show “Baywatch”, dreaming of someday becoming the most famous lifeguard in the Antarctic. And that moment has finally come! Join Pingu in his first day as a lifeguard and rescue as many penguins as you can. But it won’t be that easy, you’ll have to fight powerful currents and gigantic icebergs that won’t stop moving. Play this free html5 game online and without download, compatible with your PC, iPhone, Android device and iPad.
Do you want to feel like a real hero? Go and save those defenceless little penguins that are lost in the middle of the ocean! You will even have fun while rescuing them! Don’t wait any longer, try Penguin Rescue Hero and throw yourself into the sea to save their lives. Pingu, the adorable penguin, must go across the icy seas of South Pole to look for his penguin friends and he needs some help. This penguin always wanted to be one of the bay watches he admired when he was young. And his moment has come! Turn yourself into a hero and accompany him on this aquatic adventure. Lead him across the icebergs, eat the fish and save as many penguins as possible to score points. But watch out, if you crash into a piece of ice, all your hard work will go to waste and you will have to start over again. Penguin Rescue Hero is an html5 game and it is compatible with every format. You can play from your PC, Tablet or mobile phone. Once you start, you can’t stop! Besides, it is thought for the entire family: who doesn’t like penguins? The objective is to get the maximum number of points in this endless trip by rescuing the penguins and eating the fish. You will get 100 points per penguin and 50 points per fish. And the more time you travel, the more points you win. You will have to help Pingu to swim, since sea currents will swing him from one side to another. The more you progress, the harder will be to rescue the penguins, and you will be forced to abandon some babies. Those you rescue will stay behind you making a queue. Don’t let them distract you! And don’t let the whales cheat you. Stay concentrated. You have the chance to show your skills and dexterity with this game. But you have to be patient. At some point, icebergs will start to move and they can be such a pain in the ass… Keep calm. You will control your little penguin just like you controlled the snake of that classic game for Nokia 3310. Do you remember? If you got to finish that game, this will be a piece of cake! Don’t wait any longer and start rescuing the penguins!
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