Shape Blaster

If you're looking for an innovative game to test your skills, Shape Blaster is the one for you. Click here to create the first blast and every shape in its scope will explode as well in a devastating chain reaction. Cause as many blasts as indicat...

Fireman Fooster

Play online and for free this addictive and funny game. Be as fast as you can and run away from the flames. Everybody is counting on Fireman Fooster! Will you be able to stop the disaster and turn off the fire? Show us how you play this browser game.

Knack Machine

Knack Machine is an addictive online game which will test your skill and reflexes. Move from left to right the gears to prevent the falling parts from hitting you. From time to time, power ups will appear, which will make your task easier, but be ...

Ride the Virus

Birds are cute, but we all know that viruses will rule the world. Ride the Virus is an html5 game, of the endless runner type, base on Flappy Bird, where you will have to avoid the defense barriers of your host organism, and with your help, they w...

Lumber Jack

Unleash your inner checkered shirt dressed woodcutter and cut down trees as if there were no tomorrow in Lumber Jack! A huge forest is waiting for you to deforest it, with your axe as only weapon. Lumber Jack is an html5 game influenced by the sma...

Runaway Ruins

Not even Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in their most treacherous adventures have ever faced the dangers and threats that await you at Runaway Ruins. Travel through ancient Aztec ruins and avoid every danger in your way: you'll have to jump and crouc...

Jump Bot

Test everything you know about jumping robots with Jump Bot! Jump Bot is an html5 skill game similar tot Spring Ninja, an app for iPhone and Android. Set up your robot to get the perfect jump or you won't reach the next platform. Keep in mind the ...

Build the highest box tower you can in this fun online game. But be careful, if you don't place the boxes correctly, adding more boxes will make it more and more unstable. Test your patience and reach the sky of html5 games on your PC, Android dev...

Pingu spent his childhood hooked to the TV show “Baywatch”, dreaming of someday becoming the most famous lifeguard in the Antarctic. And that moment has finally come! Join Pingu in his first day as a lifeguard and rescue as many penguins as you ca...

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