Gun Garden vs Super Pang

8 years ago

These two games sound familiar, right?

Good evening everyone,

To continue with the series of games which have inspired Spritted games, today we're going to talk a little about Super Pang. If you've never played because at the time your parents didn't let you or simply because you weren't even born, we're sure that name still rings a bell.

Super Pang is a 90s game in which you take the role of a boy who has to use his weapon to destroy some balls which appear on the screen. Each time you hit a ball, it is divided into two, smaller balls. When they are at their minimum size and they are hit again, they disappear. In Super Pang, you could travel around the world and discover the great monuments of the world (London Bridge, the Egyptian pyramids, the Arc de Triumph and so on).

The 2015 version is called Gun Garden and there you'll leave the sightseeing behind to save your garden, which is infested with plant-eating bugs! Don't let them bite you and get help from the fruits, bombs and vegetables that you'll find along the way. Shoot your deadly plant and get achievements to become the best in the ranking!

Have a blast with Gun Garden!

The Spritted Team


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