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If you love listening to rock and roll music and drinking beer, then this game is tailor-made for you! Today is the great concert in the middle of this Viking Island and all the inhabitants in the Village have gone to watch the event, but everybody knows what can happen when you mix rock music and alcohol… a little argument has given rise to a huge fight! So became a Viking eager to kick the ass to anyone who dares to come across his way and lead the ranking of this battle! In this game you will start as an ordinary Viking in the town, but as soon as you get your first victories you will become a better fighter and you will unlock new special skills and power which will be quite helpful to lead the ranking, and of course you will grow a lush Viking beard too. You will notice some ladies carrying mugs of beer, maybe you should look after their in case they drop someone, drinking some beer will help you to recover. So prepare to charge your fists and don´t let anyone pick on you!
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