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Sweet Crusher
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Forget all about not playing with your food. With Sweet Crusher's candy, you can play for hours. This html5 game based on the arcade classics Arkanoid and Breakout will test your reflexes. Break sweet bricks, go through sugary and colourful screens and get as many achievements as you can. When you have finished the Arcade mode, you can play the challenge of the Endless mode. Warning: it’s possible that, as you reach the top of the rankings, you might want to visit the candy shop… Play Sweet Crusher anywhere and anytime, as it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android devices.
Remember all those afternoons you spent playing Arkanoid? Well, we bring you a sweeter online and free version of the classic game. Sweet Crusher is a fun and entertaining html5 game in which you have to break the blocks that are on the top of the screen with a little ball that keeps bouncing. Control the ball with a platform that you have to move from right to left. Be careful and don’t let the ball fall otherwise you will lose and, eventually, the game. Sweet Crusher has two thrilling modes that will make you play for hours! The endless mode and the arcade mode. In the last one you will find seven different worlds and fifty exciting levels in total. Each level will be more difficult than the one before, with more and stronger blocks to crash. Will you be able to break every single brick? Don’t worry, Sweet Crusher has power ups to help you smash the blocks and pass every single level. The power ups will fall down once you break a brick, so make sure to grab it with the platform but don’t lose the ball! The magnet power up will stick the ball to the platform some seconds so you can place it wherever you want; the lightning power up will throw thunders into the blocks to destroy them; and the heart power up will give you a life. There is also a power up that will duplicate your ball, it can be helpful but also very distracting! And beware of the shrinking power up; it makes the platform smaller! Play Sweet Crusher on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Tablet or computer, with no downloads or installations and have lots of fun!

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