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Not even Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in their most treacherous adventures have ever faced the dangers and threats that await you at Runaway Ruins. Travel through ancient Aztec ruins and avoid every danger in your way: you'll have to jump and crouch to dodge pits, totems and other obstacles as you struggle to escape from the ruins at top speed. Get achievements and beat all the records, gather experience as you move forward and become the best tomb raider of the community and do so anywhere, asi this game is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
You have become a true adventurer and you are exploring the most famous and dangerous ruin in the world. But you have gone too far and you have profane a scared temple. You have now to start running away while the temple falls down around you. Will you be able to avoid the obstacles? Don’t stop running, jump and bend down to get away from the dangers you will face through the path. As you keep on running among the ruins of Runaway Ruins, more difficult obstacles to avoid will appear and you will have to try not to get distracted by the rubble that falls down. Besides, the ground is shaking under your feet in these fun html5 game, will you be able to jump, bend down and run without getting hurt or falling down? If you manage to do so you will win a medal; bronze, silver or gold depending on how many points you obtain. Inside the temple you will come across with rocks and rubble that you will have to avoid, but once you are out of there and you enter the jungle the obstacles will be more dangerous. Be careful with the huge dragon lizard that runs into you, jump to escape to its bite. And keep an eye on the exotic bird and how he flies, you will have to bend down or jump to make sure it doesn’t attack you to defend its jungle. With an esthetic based in the famous Crash Bandicoot game, you will get so addicted that will become a real explorer. Runaway Ruins will test your quick thinking and reflexes. You just need to grab your phone, computer or Tablet and start running away from the temple, dodging obstacles with Indiana Jones style. Don’t wait any longer and play for free and online to Runaway Ruins.

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