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Micro-organisms are back in Pandemix, a very addictive html5 puzzle game inspired by the japanese classic Puyo Puyo, where you will have to join at least four cells to form a molecule and make them disappear. As you try to solve this, some bombs (really angry-faced ones) will stand in your way, so you will have to find out how to solve the puzzle. Be the fastest of your community, get all the achievements and reach the top of the rankings in this colourful puzzle game. Pandemix is compatible with any mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet), PC or Mac.
Beat all your enemies in thrilling Pandemix battles! Think your strategy through to place the viruses wisely and send your enemies as many bombs as possible! Your grid must never be full of molecules and micro-organisms, otherwise you will lose! The objective of the free online game Pandemix is quite simple: match four or more viruses of the same color to make them disappear. There are many ways of combining the viruses to make all sorts of combos in order to get rid of as many viruses as you can in only one move. Take into account that each time you eliminate one of your viruses unmatchable black bombs will drop into your enemy’s grid. But be careful because in this browser game your opponent can also send you bombs that will increase the difficulty of matching the viruses and you will have less space to place the micro-organisms. To play Pandemix you just need to use the arrow keys and a good strategy. It’s very easy! To move the virus from side to side press the left and right arrows, and if you want to rotate it just press the space bar or the up arrow key. Drop the virus faster by pressing the down arrow key. Be careful because as the game goes on the difficulty will increase and your opponent will get stronger, faster and smarter. You can choose between three levels: easy, medium and hard. In each level you will have to win 24 battles. Will you be able to confront and beat 24 opponents? Grab your iphone, Android, iPad or Tablet, or sit down in front of your computer and start getting rid of viruses and sending bombs. Lots of fun!

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