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Odyssey: From Earth to Space
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In Odyssey: From Earth to Space Earth has been invaded by four species from outer space and it seems like they don't have good intentions. Join Nemo in his thrilling battle against the evil exterior invader. Nemo, armed with powerful bombs, must clean the alien plague which has extended from the center of the Earth to the terrestrial orbit. Enjoy online this great renewal in html5 of the arcade classic, Bomberman. Odyssey: From Earth to Space is compatible with all the Android and mobile devices, as well as iPhone, iPads and tablets.
Have you ever dreamt about living an adventure? Going over the world, facing every sort of dangers and save it from the threats that surround it. You were born for that and you know it! Don’t worry, Odissey: from Earth to Space will open the gates to a new world full of mysteries and dangers that you will have to face. It will awake your adventurer instinct. What are you waiting for? You can accompany Nemo on his Odissey across the world to silence your zest for life. Some aliens invaded the Earth and our brave character must face them and kick them back home. You can’t wait to go with Nemo and kill those aliens, can you? Grab your weapons and go for them! They are four races of invaders, who landed on the Earth from the outer space and spreaded themselves across four different worlds. You must chase the aliens across these worlds to get rid of them. Take your mobile phone, PC or Tablet and start playing Odissey: from Earth to Space. The classic Arcade Bomberman has inspired this entertaining and catchy html5 game. You will have to drop bombs strategically inside the mazes where your enemies are. These bombs will explode and the invaders will disappear. But, watch out! Don’t get close to the bombs or they will wound you. You will get different weapons while you progress across the worlds: boomerangs, swords… Discover what they can do for you! In this game, which make reference to Jules Verne and his novel “From Earth to the Moon”, every world have a different environment, just like in the book of this French writer. You will start this mission from the subsoil of the planet, in a world surrounded by lava where you’ll have to fight against fire balls, amongst other enemies. Then, you will ascend to the surface, but you will be inside the water where some fish will attack you. Your bombs won’t affect this fish at all… Are you sure you can beat this plague? In the third world, the difficulties will be higher. This time you will be on the ground, facing mud monsters. Finally, you will ascend to the clouds, where lighting will be the last of your problems. Are you still reading instead of playing? Go help Nemo! You will control all techniques and tricks, and you will know your enemies well enough to dodge their attacks. Besides, since it is a very long trip, you can save your progress for later. Don’t hesitate and play Odissey: From Earth to Space. Find out by yourself all the surprises I haven’t told you yet.

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