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Monsters Club
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Are you tired of candy? Take the path of the Monsters in Monsters Club! Have fun in this html5 game which mixes mechanics from Candy Crush and Zookeeper. Match the monsters to eliminate them and solve the puzzles. Play this terrifying puzzle game and collect mummies, frankensteins, skulls, draculas, demons and other underworld creatures. Will you be the one who keeps these horrific aberrations of nature under control? Get experience points with the achievements, reach the top of the rankings and become the most feared player of the community! You can play Monster Club whenever you want as it is compatible with any iOS, Android and tablet devices.
Live Halloween every day of the year by playing to Monsters Club and meeting all the classic monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein or the Werewolf. Forget the candy and sweets, find the monsters that are alike and match them to eliminate them. You will also have to get rid of mummies, skeletons, pumpkins and even the devil. You will have to get use to the most terrific and disconcerting atmospheres, like cemeteries, dark and creepy woods, or walls covered in blood. The sinister music will transport you to the Adams Family mansion, but don’t get scared or distracted. Look for the best combinations in order to get rid of the number of monsters needed to pass to next level before you run out of time. Each time you match the monsters and eliminate them, the time will increase so you can keep combining pieces. Just as in Zookeeper, each time you pass a level the difficulty will increase and you will have to eliminate more monsters every time. Besides, the gameplay is the same as in Candy Crush: move the pieces up and down, and to the sides. And as in these two games, your goal is to align at least three same pieces horizontally, vertically or both, to make them disappear. Become an expert and combine four or five pieces to eliminate at once the biggest number of monsters. But if you are in trouble, you don’t find the solution to the puzzle and the time keeps running, don’t be afraid to ask the priest for help. Thanks to his exorcisms he will help you visualize the way to get rid of the monsters. As long as there are possible combinations the game will keep on going and you will be able to turn to your religious friend only three times, so keep your eyes wide open and try to identify every possible combination. Whenever there are no more possible moves the game will tell you so and remix the pieces. So don’t wait any longer and grab your Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad or computer and become a monster hunter.

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