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Knack Machine
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Knack Machine is an addictive online game which will test your skill and reflexes. Move from left to right the gears to prevent the falling parts from hitting you. From time to time, power ups will appear, which will make your task easier, but be careful, not all the items have positive effects. Have a blast playing this multiplatform html5 minigame anywhere, as it is compatible with iPhone, Android and PC.
Watch out! The machine just broke up and now it’s falling into pieces. All kinds of parts and screws are falling down, so to avoid any more damage you have to take control of the gears and dodge everything. Will you be quick enough? Test your reflexes and rapidity by avoiding all the screws and pieces that keep falling down. You have to control the gears with the arrows of your keyboard if you are playing with your computer, or just moving them with your fingers if you prefer to play with your mobile phone or Tablet. Get ready to be fast! The falling pieces won’t wait until you master the gears so you better practice. They will actually fall faster as the game progresses, making it harder to play. Knack Machine is a real challenge; this online game will test your patience for sure. But don’t get discouraged! Not everything that falls down will make you lose the game. Among the screws you will find some bonuses that will help you avoid the falling parts. You have to make sure to grab the right ones, though. Some of the bonuses are traps that will make the pieces fall faster, so be careful! And try not to mistake the screws for the bonuses or you will lose. Some of the bonus pieces will make the parts fall slower giving you more time to move the gears. Another kind of bonus will behave like a shield and will protect your gears from one collision. There is also a bonus that transforms your gears into invisible objects, so the falling screws go through them without bumping into them. Grab your iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad or computer and start tapping and clicking to avoid the tumbling machine and its falling pieces to crash into the gears. Knack Machine is a free game, and you can play wherever and whenever you want because it’s an online game. It doesn’t require any download or installation. Start playing now!
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