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Play Gun Garden and get rid of plagues of bugs that eat your plants and patience! In this html5 game inspired by arcade classic Super Pang, no flea will escape. Shoot your deadly plant to get any plague out of your way, but remember they will split into little slippery bugs. Don’t let them bite you! Collect fruits, bombs and vegetables in order to make your work easier and get the achievements to be the best exterminator of the rankings. Have fun with Gun Garden on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet or iPad.
This game, inspired by the classic Super Pang and known as Buster Bros in the US, lets you choose between two different game modes: the Crazy Mode where you will have to kill the bugs that will multiply as you improve, or the Plague Mode. The latter has seven worlds which are divided in 49 levels and you need to complete them by eliminating every bug and put an end to the plague. Your journey as a fumigator starts in the backyard of a house where an infestation of bugs has been detected. With the help of your weapon, shoot your mortal plant to get rid of them and break the blocks where items that will help you keep on with the fumigation are hidden. But the fight against the bugs doesn’t end there, you will have to go to the heart of the plague; the cavern where all the insects are hiding and waiting to attack. And to get there you will have to kill the bugs of a farm, the coast, the woods, the mountains and even the jungle. You are facing beetles that bounce on the ground like balls, and bees that fly straight and bounce off everything. You shouldn’t forget that your enemies divide and transform into smaller and agile bugs each time you shoot them, and that makes it more difficult to get rid of them. Eliminate them thanks to a quick shot with which you can throw two plants at the same time, or using the creeper plant which creates a barrier, also with the insecticide cannon which works as a machine gun, or the insecticide bomb which divides and reduces all the bugs. You can also help yourself with the shield to protect yourself from being touched by one bug, or take advantage of the hourglass that paralyses the insects for four minutes. Rely on your allies, such as the carnivore plant or the flying cactus that eat the bugs, but be careful with them because they might play tricks on you. Will you be able to put an end to the plague?

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