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Foosball Super Shooter
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Finally an html5 online foosball game for PC, iPhone and Android! Live the football fever and hit the ball as much as you can in Foosball Super Shooter! Choose your favourite team and try the 9 game modes to have hours of fun. Shoot unstoppable balls and climb to the top of the ranking. You won't stop playing!
To every foosball fan out there, what are you waiting for? You can now play your favorite game online with your phone, computer or Tablet! Train your skills and become the best player in the pub thanks to Foosball Super Shooter. It’s so easy and fun to play that you will want to play all day long. Pick your favorite team from the country of your choice. You can choose between 16 different countries from all around the world: Germany, The Faroe Islands, Portugal, England, Cameroon, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Nigeria, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Each one of them has a different player system which determines the position of your 7 players. Added to that, every team has a special move: the fireshoot, the triple shoot, the dribble shoot, or the twin shoot, but only the captain of the team can perform the Special Shoot. The captain is the one that has a star under his feet and he only can perform that move when the Special Bar is complete, which grows every time you make a pass. In Foosball Super Shooter you will be able to win 9 different competitions. You will have to start with the FSS Championship, the 4 Nations Cup and the Superclassic Cup. Once you win those three tournaments you will gradually unblock the others, starting with the International Cup, and then the CDA Tournament, the Confederations Cup, the 6 Nations Cup, the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Play against three teams each time, score two goals, win and become the best foosball player! So grab your iPhone, Android phone, Tablet, iPad or computer and shoot as much as you can with Foosball Super Shooter, the funniest htlm5 online game for free, with no downloads or installations required.

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