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Are you a retro game lover? Then you should try this new multiplayer iogame inspired by the classical Pac-Man videogame! Head for Cap-Man and choose the best cap for your player, then you´ll be ready to collect coins through all the rooms and earn as much points as you can by eating other online players, which you´ll be able to do as long as you eat one of the many pills you´ll see in the stage. Besides allowing you to eat all your enemies, including ghost, pills will also protect you and speed you up to catch your opponents. But be careful about your shield! It won´t last forever, and as soon as it runs down you´ll be a weak and defenceless objective for ghosts or other players again! And of course watch out for the ghost chief, who carries with a scythe and will follow you until you die! So run for your live and survive as far as possible!
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