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Fight online against other players from all over the world and lead the worldwide ranking! Control your dragon and gain golden nuggets while you obliterate your enemies. But careful, as they will try to do the same onto you, so arm yourself with your best items and take advantage of your golden nuggets to protect yourself and skillfully flee thanks to your turbo-shield.
FRENETIC MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER! Fight against docens of players from all over the world in enormous maps filled with items and golden nuggets that will help you defeat your opponents. The more golden nuggets and deaths you accumulate, the higher you’ll rise in the ranking. SHOOT AND DEFEND YOURSELF! Gather items throughout the map and use them to get rid of the other players: fireballs, dragon eggs, tornados, firewaves…. There’s a ton to use! Furthermore, for emergency cases remember you can always use your Turbo-shield in exchange for some golden nuggets, which will allow you to boost up and flee from any danger. TONS OF SKINS! Unlock of the available skins and gather your favorites. OPTIMIZED FOR ALL DEVICES! Have as much fun as with dragonwars.io’s browser edition with the new control system tailor-made for mobile devices. Press anywhere on the screen to use your joystick and press the buttons to use the items you gather or your turbo-shield.
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