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Play Agar.io and find out what cells do on the petri dishes when you are not observing them through your microscope. If you ever wondered what kind of life does a cell have you will be surprised with the answer! Become a cell yourself and have fun eating and chasing other cells in this multiplayer online game. The objective of Agar.io is to get bigger by eating both the food you will find in the petri dish and the cells that are smaller than you. The unmoving pellets appear randomly and help increase your size slightly. On the other hand, swallowing the smaller cells will give your cell much more mass. But it’s not that easy! You need to be careful and avoid the cells that are bigger than you. Those cells are also looking for food to get bigger and you are their target!
Agar.io is a massively multiplayer free action game in which you play against other players that are in the server at the same time as you. Eat each other and try to become the biggest cell to get into the leaderboard. But food and cells are not the only elements you will find in this petri dish. Along your path you will bump into viruses that can either be helpful or harmful. The goal of a virus in Agar.io is to split the cells that are larger than them into many pieces. The pieces will eventually get back together if they don’t get swallowed by other cells first. If you still are a small cell you won’t be divided and you will actually be able to use the virus to hide from your enemies. Viruses can be created by a player if he ejects a small fraction of a cell’s mass into it a few times; it will cause the virus to split up creating another virus. You have to be smart in Agar.io! Take advantage of the virus and split your cell into pieces to get rid of a bigger cell that is chasing you or to move faster. The bigger you get the slower you will move! Players can also eject mass to trick an enemy; it will make him get closer and once he’s close enough the player can split the cell to eat him. This browser game has different modes: Free for All (FFA), Teams, Experimental, and Party. This last mode allows the player to invite friends to play in the same map. The FFA mode is the most common one and the players can even choose different skins and names. Take your phone, Tablet or computer, customize your cell the way you like and have lots of fun playing Agar.io!
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