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Start as a little worm and end up as a gigantic snake in Slither.io, one of the most entertaining multiplayer browser games of all time! Eat as many glowing circles as you can to become a longer and bigger snake. This might sound familiar… Remember the most addictive game that Nokia ever brought to our phones? That’s right: the classic arcade game Snake! How many hours did you spend on your old mobile phone until you managed to create a snake longer than the screen? And for how many days did you cry when you changed your phone or broke it and couldn’t play any longer? Well, relive those happy Snake days thanks to Slither.io, an online game in which you have to grab all the food you can to make your worm grow.
The only difference with the classic Snake is that in Slither.io your playground is an online server where other players are playing at the same time as you are. So, while you are drifting around and eating circles some other worms or snakes will cross your path. Be careful and do not bump into one of them otherwise you will die and they will be able to eat the shinning dots that remain to get bigger. This online multiplayer game is very similar to the successful Agar.io except that in Slither.io size doesn’t matter. You can be the smallest worm and manage to defeat the biggest one just by crossing its path at the right moment to make him bump into you. It’s all about the strategy! In Agar.io you have to avoid the cells that are bigger than you and run after the smaller ones. Slither.io gives you the opportunity of tricking the other players to make them fall into your trap. Chase each other and create the best strategy to get as many food as you can. Your goal is to become the biggest snake and to stay alive as long as possible. Try to reach the leaderboard by winning lots of points and beating all the records. Grab your phone or Tablet, or sit down in front of your computer and have a great time creating the biggest snake ever and destroying the others with Slither.io. You can even choose a skin and customize your avatar to make it not only the biggest but also the coolest one!
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